What Are Lash Extensions? Things to Know

Looking at several makeup products in the market, mascara may be one beauty product that many women cannot leave their home without. Some swipes of mascara will instantly transform your makeup look, and making your eyes appear bolder and brighter. And it is all fun till you are faced with challenge of removing the waterproof mascara at an end of a day.

That is where the eyelash extensions come in picture, presenting the opportunity to get voluminous and fluttery lashes without any mascara. But, wait a second, are eyelash extensions safe? We will check out the answer below.

What’re Eyelash Extensions?

You will come across 3 kinds of eyelash extensions: silk, synthetic, and mink variety of eyelashes. They generally come in many different shapes and sizes. The lash extensions are generally applied by the technician in the beauty salon, by using tweezers and specially formulated glue. This procedure will take two hours, and eyes must stay closed for this duration of application. Faux lashes generally last 3 to 4 weeks, and falling off as the natural lashes falls out.

How’re Eyelash Extensions Done?

The lash extensions are the individual hair strands applied to each individual hair strand in your lashes. Artificial lashes can be synthetic, natural or plastic. The natural extensions are made from silk or mink. The lash extensions are generally applied by the technician in beauty salon, by using tweezers and semi-permanent glue. Ingredients usually found in sticking glue are cellulose gum, latex, benzoic acid, cyanoacrylates, and formaldehyde.

An application will take around 2 hours. After beautician puts the pad and gel patch on a bottom lashes and gauze strip on eyelids, it’s ensured that person getting the extensions is totally comfortable & feels like their eyes are shut. That depends on volume, three or more extensions will be stuck to one single strand in the lashes.