Know the easiest way to check the MasterCard gift card balance!

Summary: Keep yourself updated with the available balance in your gift cards by regularly tracking the transactions either online or via mobile connection.

Visa and MasterCard are the easiest and convenient alternatives of cash, cheques and paper envelopes. These cards are used just as the same way as the debit and credit cards do but the usage of money will be limited and restricted to a particular amount that is loaded in the card. There are two types of cards such as ones that can be used only one time and discarded known as non-reloadable and the other being loadable where we can reload the cash as and when required. MasterCard gift card balance can be checked regularly to avoid embarrassing moments at the shopping center or billing center.

gift card

These cards can be particularly used in gift giving situations be it in personal front or business platform. In personal, you can gift the card to your loved ones on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremony etc while in official way these can be given to the employees as a token of appreciation, increment and bonuses.

The gift cards can be used online as well as in merchant shops and retailers, they are accepted everywhere the debit cards are taken. We just need to swipe them on the electronic machine and enter the pin if required. Be careful while inserting the card and entering the pin to prevent fraud and scams.

The use of these cards is quick and easy when compared to the usage of cash, sometimes getting cash will be difficult from bank or ATM’s but if you already have money funded to your prepaid card then there is no need to worry about cash. Now that everywhere there is use of digital machines swopping the cards also became easier.

When you plan to purchase a MasterCard, keep the following things in mind:

  • Is it for gifting purpose of for personal use, if you buy the card with the intention to gift it to someone then they need to be activated before presenting.
  • Try to pass on the instruction of activation to the recipient (in case of gifting the card to someone) in order to avoid any sort of confusion.
  • Make sure to know the initial balance in the card before your first transaction
  • Compare all the cards and any fee if applied from the category and then only finalize it
  • Not all the retailers will be able to provide the information of the available balance hence updating the mobile number to check the MasterCard gift card balance will be convenient in future.
  • Don’t forget to sign the gift card once it is activated, the back side of the card will have a signature section.

The history of your transactions and card balance can be checked online securely, you have to open the official website and enter the card number to access the information required.